The creators of the Manufacture de l'Empan

wanted to put the multiple potentialities of technological advances at the service of artistic creation. Penetrated by the idea that we should not oppose art to craft, digital tools to manual labor, industrial means of production with traditional methods of creation, they do not hesitate to revisit classical styles to create original and innovative works.

Bringing its expertise to orders submitted

to it by companies or individuals, the Manufacture de l'Empan gives free rein to its creativity.
Ideas can arise from a specific artistic desire or derive from the possibilities offered by technology.
Demonstrating great adaptability, the Manufacture

de l'Empan combines its craftsmanship with

technological mastery of various types to adapt
to all types of projects.

The Manufacture de l'Empan puts also at the service

of its customers advanced industrial tools to help them getthe most completed concretizations of their aspirationsartistic, each work thus becoming

a co-creationresult of a synergy between the sponsor

and the artist.Material removal machining makes

it possible to workwood or stone, but also resins that servefrom model to the production of plaster works.

The finishing of the volumes and the patinas are,

as for them, entirely made by hand.This requirement and attention to detail materializein a finished product that always seems to be the resultof a manual handicraft.In the Manufacture de l'Empan,

the many assistantswho populated the Renaissance workshops were replaced by sophisticated machines,

but rest assuredthat the eye and the hand of the artist

and of the artisan remain sovereign.

The Manufacture de l'Empan thus puts itself at the service any kind of project, be it architectural, event, sculptural or pictorial, adapting to any technical requirement or any constraint of scale, making force

of creative proposal in collaboration with the idea of ​​the sponsor, giving each achievement a unique answer.

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